1sets Dental Charging Hot Melt Filling System Dental Cordless Obturation System Endo Heated Pen with 4 tips

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Item Description: Technical Parameters: 1. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery: 4.2V 3000mAH 2. Heating time: 5s 3. Working temperature: 180 ℃, 230 ℃ 4. Power adapter: Input voltage: 100V-240V AC Output voltage: DC4.2V, 1.5A 5. Use time: 1.5h continuous use 6. Heating needle specifications: FM, F, M, XF POWER key: A. Press and hold for more than 3S to turn on / off. B. Short press the hot needle model after starting Four needle cycle selection XF, F, M, FM lights LED prompt message: 1. On / off warning light 2. Low temperature 180 degrees working mode: XF, F --- LED1 green M --- LED2 green FM --- LED3 green 3. High temperature 230 degrees working mode: XF, F --- LED1 + LED4 green + red M --- LED2 + LED4 green + red FM --- LED3 + LED4 green + red 4. Low voltage alert Heating key: heating trigger key. Press heating, release to stop heating Packing list: Obturation Pen-----1 PC Stand for pe-----1 PC Pen Tip Type F/FM/M/ML-----4PCS Charging base-----1 PC 2 holes Charger-----1PC
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Dental Charging Hot Melt Filling System
Teether Percha Obturation System
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